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Schecter Apocalypse Series NAMM 2017

Schecter Apocalypse

Schecter Apocalypse

Schecter dropped the new Schecter Apocalypse series on us at NAMM a few weeks ago and we just received our first shipment in store and words cannot describe how awesome these guitars feel. Made from swamp ash and with 25.5″ scale lengths these only add to the already versatile Schecter lineup we have come to know and love here at Macron Music.

These guitars are a variation on the companies popular C-1 range and are available in a 6 string version with either Apocalypse Pickups and a fixed bridge, Sustaniac bridge pickup and a Floyd Rose or with Schecter Apocalypse Pickups and a Floyd Rose. The Schecter Apocalypse series is also available in a 7 string version with a fixed bridge and Apocalypse pickups.

The overwhelming feeling from us here in the store is as usual these guitars play amazingly out of the box. We threw them onto our repairs bench just to see if they could use a tweak but once tuned to pitch they were absolutely breathtaking. The quality that Schecter are producing at this price point is just ridiculous in our opinion.

Whether it’s Metal or Rock, Jazz or Fusion these guitars will suit any playing style and you too will be impressed with the smooth feel and texture of these instruments.

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Check out the range of  Schecter Apocalypse guitars here.16683180_1811851802412540_337896216_n16558773_1811851759079211_638898366_n 16652813_1811851729079214_573674879_n 16558707_1811851692412551_1020686547_n 16559212_1811851609079226_1050320354_n 16521572_1811851542412566_1848921345_n 16651702_1811851489079238_652630714_n 16559103_1811851442412576_780291746_n 16558543_1811851399079247_797999951_n 16558464_1811851359079251_2045026978_n

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